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Rachel Lowe MBE, born in 1977. Rachel's story started as a cab driver...


Rachel was working as a cab driver in Portsmouth paying her way through university as a mature student with two children. Whilst out on a shift she had the idea for a taxi board game called Destination.

Rachel took her Destination London board game to the investors on BBC 2’s first series of Dragon’s Den, but went home empty handed after one of the harshest roastings the show has seen.

Undeterred, Rachel launched Destination London in Hamley’s Toy Store and the game became the top selling item both in-store and online.

The Destination brand now comprises of over 25 editions including a Harry Potter version; Destination Hogwarts, a Disney Pixar edition; Destination Animation, London 2012 Olympic games editions and the new Downton Abbey range.

Rachel has been passionate about business amongst young people after starting her business as a student. She is determined and focused and never loses sight of the fact that she started out in life as a taxi driver.

She is now committed to promoting enterprise and inspiring people to follow their dreams.

Inspired by her own personal journey Rachel has gone on to create fragrance & accessories brand SHE WHO DARES. She believes in life you must never give up.  Nothing is impossible.            

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